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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Our comprehensive eye examinations evaluate your eyes, both inside and out, for any potential disorders or diseases. Your visual skills and abilities are carefully evaluated and appropriate treatment is prescribed – whether it’s medication, lenses or low vision rehabilitation.

TRS-5100 Refraction System

Technology is rapidly changing the eye care industry. We utilize the latest in diagnostic equipment and are committed to keeping up with whatever advances will come next. Using our new automated, computerized refracting system, we can determine the best prescription for you. The TRS-5100 replaces the standard refractor and allows the doctor to control the refraction process through the keypad.

One of the beneficial aspects of the Marco TRS system is its ability to compare a patient’s vision three ways: (1) without corrective eye wear, (2) using an old prescription, or (3) using a patient’s new prescription, with a single touch of a button. This comparison helps the patient more readily accept a change in prescription, as they see their vision improve immediately.

3-D Wave

The 3-D Wave allows us to perform autorefraction/keratometry, corneal topography, optical path difference, and wavefront all with a single instrument. With this one device, we can obtain a comprehensive refractive analysis that previously would require at least three tests on three different instruments. The 3-D Wave allows Dr. Hanlen and Dr. Tinkelman to evaluate the patient’s entire optical system, perform refractive and cataract surgery screenings, evaluate postoperative complaints, and determine pathology diagnoses.

The 3-D Wave can also determine problems at night when patient’s pupils dilate and more light goes through the larger pupil. The power difference is determined and the patient can be shown the difference in their daytime and nighttime prescription. Sometimes this difference is significant and may require a different spectacle prescription for night time viewing.